Abstract art and architecture

12th March 2021

We have seen some fantastic pieces of art on show this week with pupils producing castles and bridges, water paintings, abstract art and self-portraits.

Year 1’s focus was on castles and they made their own fantastic 3D castles using junk materials. Meanwhile, Year 5 have been exploring the principles and design of bridge building and they found themselves mixing Art and Technology with their in-depth look at why bridges are built in different ways and how they are built across water.  They used colour to show a mix of warm and cool colours to paint a background with shading and then used a black marker to draw the silhouette of a bridge.

Year 3 were looking at abstract art and self-portraits inspired by Nate Williams.  Year 3’s lesson mixed simple profile drawings with some creative writing and the key hint for everyone was that the portraits would look their best when the words filled the sections of their drawing and the pupils challenged themselves to get creative with how to fill the space.