Fees are set by the Board of Governors


Schedule of Fees 2021 – 2022

Reception to Year 6: £6,500 per term
Nursery Full Day: £6,030 per term
Nursery Mornings Only: £3,600 per term
Nursery Afternoons Only: £2,400 per term

Fees for the Autumn Term are due by 1st July prior to entry into the Nursery or Reception class in September. All further fees will be due on the first day of term. Additional charges are made for: external entrance examination fees, extra-curricular events, class day trips, residential trips, extra-curricular individual tuition and lost text books.

Optional charges are made for after-school clubs and are notified to parents each term. There is also a provision for optional instrumental and drama lessons at the school and parents contract directly with the teacher.

For children who attend the Nursery (Morning Class), there are a limited number of places for those children who may be ready to stay a bit longer each day for lunch. The termly cost for the additional lunch charge is £600.