Aluminium Moon Buggies to CSI: Chelsea

11th February 2022

This week, students from across the school have been doing a deep dive into the many different scientific disciplines.

Year 1 have been inspired by watching videos of travels in space and the first moon landing. Pupils were asked to make a vehicle which astronauts could use to explore the moon. They selected recyclable materials, including egg boxes, yoghurt pots, wooden wheels and aluminium foil and built their own moon buggies.

In Year 3 pupils have been investigating what plants need to grow. To coincide with the coming of spring, over the half-term pupils have been growing daffodils and changing one variable to see what will affect the growth of the plant. Some were placed in the cold, some in a dark cupboard and some did not have any water. From the results Year 3 learned that the plant in the cold and those without water grew the least and the plants inside with water, light and a large pot grew the best.

Year 5 became CSI detectives to investigate and solve the mystery of Mrs Hutchens’ stolen biscuits. They used chromatography to match samples of ink found at the crime to pens that were taken from the 7 suspects. After careful observation Year 5 correctly found the biscuit thief.