Bank of England Museum Visit

3rd February 2023

This week Year 5 learnt about the history of the Bank of England, saw a million pound note and tried to pick up a solid gold bar on their visit to the Bank of England Museum.

After a short journey on the tube to Cannon Street, students delved into the history of the bank – from the bank’s formation in 1694 after England’s crushing defeat in the Nine Year’s War, to the move to its now home on Threadneedle Street in 1734. Students poured over the archives of bank notes from the past century and compared the differing designs before selecting the ones they liked the most. We even saw a million pound bank note up close (sadly we were unable to take it home!). Pupils also got to grips with some of the economic terminology that has dominated news headlines in recent weeks – such as inflation – and tried to pick up one of the 400,000 gold bars stored in the Bank of England vaults.

Year 5 really enjoyed the trip which helped to reinforce some of the things they had been discussing and learning about in their Maths and PSCHEE topic, Money Matters. They were also able to practise their spending by visiting the gift shop at the end of the day!