Bringing Science to Life

6th November 2020

This week in Science, Year 4 students have been looking at solids, liquids and gases. They investigated how some liquids may act differently to one another by trying to help a hot dog seller work out what ketchup was the best for his hot dog stand. They tested three different ketchups looking at how runny each one was and its ability to stay on top of the hot dog the best. Firstly, to see which was the runniest, they timed how long it took for the ketchup to run down the funnel. Then they used test tubes to simulate hot dogs looking at which ketchup stuck most efficiently to the hot dog. And after all of that they were hungrt for lunch!

In their Science lesson Year 5  have been exploring the exciting world of space and the solar system. They used the iPads and augmented reality to research the planets of the solar system and bring them to life in our classroom. They were able to see and compare the sizes of the different planets and learn about what the conditions are on the planets’ surfaces. They even got to wear an augmented reality space suit and blast a space rocket from out of the table.

In their recent Science lessons, Year 6 have been studying the topic of light and how their eyes work. They even had the chance to dissect an eyeball to help them locate and identify the different parts of the eye and describe what their function was. They got to see the optic nerve, cornea, iris and the pupil from the outside and then carefully cut open the eye to locate the lens and the retina at the back of the eye. The eyeball was very squishy but it was a lot of fun.