Celebrating Autumn

21st October 2021

With Autumn well underway, pupils throughout the school have been taking in nature’s impressive display of colours and making displays of their own to mark the changing of the season.

Year 4 have been creating 3D artwork with an autumnal theme to show falling leaves and then worked with oil pastels to discover the technical possibilities of these colours in a Four Seasons-inspired piece of art. Meanwhile in Year 1, pupils have been practising their painting skills using small brushes and watercolours to create some original compositions in the style of JMW Turner with some impressive results.

While the pupils have been busy in the Art room, our resident chef, Mrs Hutchens, has been getting creative with pumpkin carving and cooking up a frightful feast of Halloween-themed treats – from minced bat and beetles in a blood sauce (chilli con carne), to Dracula’s dentures (cookies with marshmallows and fruit sauce).