Children’s Mental Health Week

5th February 2021

Redcliffe pupils have been considering other people’s emotions, understanding and accepting failure, reflecting on different ways to be kind, and taking part in some mindfulness activities for Children’s Mental Health Week.

Resilience was at the forefront of Year 6 PSHE lessons this week, with students analysing different situations and recognising, predicting and assessing the risks. Being able to decide how to manage these situations responsibly presents an opportunity to build resilience. The children designed a poster entitled ‘Standing up for Yourself’.

Year 5 have been been reading about determination, resilience, self-confidence and preparing for and accepting failure in Matthew Syed’s best-seller, You Are Awesome. Students were then tasked to write a report about their chosen ‘Famous Failure’ – a person who failed many times, but with grit and determination, they achieved great success. Year 5 with Year 1 have also been discussing what it means to express yourself, with the children having lots of fun thinking about the different ways we can express our wonderful selves and how it makes us feel to do so. At our live form time on Friday, everyone ‘dressed to express’ – wearing whatever they want to express who they are. The Year 1 pupils also took part in some mindfulness activities such as using our senses to be mindful, taking part in yoga and mindfulness colouring.

In Art, students reflected on kindness – one of the school’s key messages. Students considered the importance of random acts of kindness, compliments, respect, anti-bullying, and caring and helping others before deciding how they would include these thoughts and ideas into a piece of art. Year 2 have also been using art to consider the importance of empathy and understanding. Students analysed faces to see if we, as a class, could agree on what sort of emotion the person was thinking and thought about how important it is to be able to read emotions because it changes the way we react to people. The class then drew posters of emotions and gave an explanation on why they felt their character displayed the emotion.