Clocks, Plants and Geometry

19th March 2021

A miscellany of Maths and Science was on offer in school this week, with Year 2 using the creative and thinking sides of their brains designing geometric patterns, carefully drawing and measuring their creations. 

Year 2 also looked at plants and how they grow in Science.  The class set up an experiment with cress seeds to test how well they will grow under 4 different conditions (one set of plants will be given light and water, another light and no water, another water and no light and the last set no water and no light).  The class have also been planting Freesia bulbs and dwarf Sunflower seeds and everyone can’t wait to find out the results of their investigations.

Meanwhile in Year 3, clocks and time have been under scrutiny as the class found out about clocks, telling the time using pizzas to learn about segments of time which in turn has fed into their understanding of fractions.  Our Year 3 are definitely ahead of their time!