Dinosaurs and DVDs

11th November 2021

On Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 visited the Natural History Museum and Science Museum, South Kensington. Pupils delved into the history of planet Earth and marvelled at the museum’s collection of more than 80 million specimens spanning 4.5 billion years. Then, armed with our palaeontologist brushes, we began  ‘Dino Dig’ workshop, where students dusted replicas of dinosaur fossils in order to identify and classify the bones. 

In the afternoon, we entered the Science Museum’s Mathematics Gallery and explored how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives. We saw some of the first calculators created, how important measurements are in medicine and health, and how equations are used to calculate the ebbs and flow of power in cables. The children also had a good giggle at the size of a DVD player from 2001, ‘Why does it possibly need to be that big?!’