Entrepreneurial Maths Mindset

25th March 2022

During their Maths lessons, Year 6 have been taking part in an enterprise project.

They began their project by learning what enterprise means, as well as what it takes to be a successful team-player. After being separated into groups and assigned a team-budget of £15, they were able to brainstorm ideas for products to sell. Then, with the help of the children in the Upper School, Year 6 conducted market research in order to inform their choices when it came to designs and pricing products. Using their knowledge of profit and loss, the children were able to work out a price that would suit their customers.

Year 6 will be selling their products at 12.00pm in the Upper School Playground on Wednesday 30 March. Colourful keyrings, bookmarks and clay figurines are up for sale and their products will range between £1 and £4 (cash only).