Fun at Fulham Palace

16th October 2020

On Wednesday, our Year 1 pupils visited Fulham Palace to learn what life was like in a large house in times gone by. Some of them dressed up as Bishop Tait, his wife, and an architect, while other children dressed up as servants and gardeners. We all had fun looking at old photographs and trying to guess the purpose of different household objects.
After lunch, we went on a maths trail around the gardens and afterwards the children told us about the highlights of their day:
“I pretended to be Mr Butterfield, the architect. I designed the chapel.” Sumi
“I liked dressing up as one of the Bishop’s daughters. I wore a long blue dress.” Victoria
“I enjoyed waving a flag in the chapel!” Mazin
“We passed around an old iron and a silver candlestick.” Ayana
“We went through a tiny door into the courtyard. The fountain had coins in it. There was also a clocktower. The clock had roman numerals on it.” Julian
“I saw some pumpkins and lavender in the Walled Garden.” Elle