Fun at the Palace and the Kingdom of Benin

8th October 2021

On Tuesday, Year 1 visited Fulham Palace and learnt about the site’s captivating history which spans over 1,300 years and 133 Bishops of London.

To truly immerse themselves in their surroundings, some students dressed up as Bishop Tait, his wife, and an architect, while others dressed up as servants. Everyone had fun looking at old photographs and trying to guess the purpose of different household objects, such as glove stretchers and rolling pins. Students enjoyed exploring the palace gardens – the second oldest botanical garden in London – and studying the different vegetables in the kitchen garden.

Meanwhile, Year 6 students have been learning about the ancient Kingdom of Benin, looking at the art and culture of these people and how they celebrated and represented Beninese gods in their artwork.   The class turned themselves into a Guild of Craftsmen tasked with created animal-shaped clay tiles or miniature head sculptures, celebrating the Beninese gods and important figures in the history of the Kingdom.