Global Goals at Redcliffe

4th June 2019

Redliffe School is a ‘beacon’ school, leading the way in Education for Social Responsibility and working towards the realisation of The Global Goals.

Our pupils are developing a deep understanding of our World’s social, environmental and economic challenges – while learning about solutions too, including sustainable and ethical living.

We are incredibly proud to be the first school in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea who have begun our very own Plogging Club! Plogging is jogging while picking up litter: it helps us keep fit AND it enables us to make a positive impact within our local community. Plogging was introduced to us by Dermot Kavanagh, co-founder of Plogolution https://plogolution.com/ . The children are provided with their very own Plogolution t shirts, protective gloves, biodegradable collection bags, litter-pickers and the knowledge of what to pick up and what to avoid. On our first plog, we collected approximately 30 pieces of plastic, 20 cans, 500 cigarette butts, lots of paper and general rubbish. We are so proud to be working towards our Global Goals by becoming Planet Protectors, and being part of the plogolution!