Junior Citizen Scheme at the Natural History Museum

17th March 2023

On Wednesday, Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum to take part in the Junior Citizenship Scheme.

The Junior Citizenship Scheme workshop provides an invaluable opportunity for pupils to learn citizenship messages and life skills from organisations such as the Metropolitan Police Service, London Fire Brigade, and the London Ambulance Service.. The scheme links in different areas of the school’s  curriculum and helps to enrich the children’s social, moral and cultural education as well as providing them with proactive safeguarding advice. Each of the small-group workshops taught the children valuable life skills and encouraged them to be more aware of what they can do to help themselves and others, and to make responsible decisions for a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Pupils had great fun spending their morning taking part in interactive scenarios and enjoyed dressing up as police officers, giving evidence and learning first aid. The practical workshops were a great way for them to engage with some important life lessons.