Kindness Week

25th November 2022

RGS pupils have been reflecting on kindness towards their friends, teachers, families and the wider Redcliffe community for Kindness Week.

Students have been making kindness chains in class this week. Each link in the chain was different, with each one describing different acts of kindness. The first link described an act of kindness they have shown someone; an act of kindness that someone has shown them for the second; an act of kindness they are planning on doing in the future for the third link; and a kind act that they would like someone to show them for the final link in the chain. The finished kindness chains have been used to decorate the school and serve as a reminder the importance of being kind to others.

As is a Redcliffe Christmas tradition, Year 1 wrote personalised Christmas cards that are to be given to residents of local care home, Ellesmere House, to spread some festive cheer.