Layer Cakes

10th March 2023

In Science this week, Year 3 made layered puddings to learn about the structure of the Earth.

Pupils have been studying rocks in recent weeks and on Tuesday they learnt about the layers which make up the Earth. They learnt how the Earth is divided into four major components – the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core – and the bedrock, subsoil, and top soil that sit above. To help them increase their understanding of its structure (and as an excuse to eat some dessert), they made ‘dirt’ puddings to represent the Earth’s layers. Honey represented magma, rich tea biscuits were the Earth’s crust, fruit was the bedrock, and chocolate dessert and oreo cookies made up the subsoil and top soil.

The students enjoyed the topic and certainly enjoyed eating their creations. Educational and delicious – a winning combination!