Life on Land: Students get poetic to protect the rainforest

9th December 2022

In their English lessons this term, Year 5 have been learning how to write poetry, and produced pieces focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, Life on Land. 

As part of their ‘Writing to Entertain’ curriculum, students have learnt how to structure and write their own poems using rhyme and rhythm, alliteration and repetition, metaphor and simile, and line breaks and onomatopoeia. They used this newfound knowledge to write a piece of poetry that stressed the importance of protecting rainforests as a vital ecosystem for a number of plants and animals on Earth. Students also learnt about the threat of deforestation – why it happens and its effect on the environment – and what we can do to protect the rainforest.

The class learnt a lot from the topic and produced some fantastic, emotive pieces of poetry.