Maths Week 2021

12th November 2021

Maths Week was celebrated throughout the school with everyone getting stuck in with puzzles, quizzes, conundrums and even blending cookery and Science into the mix.  

Year 1 have had a lot of fun making, and eating, rice crispie cakes.  After weighing the ingredients, including butter, rice crispies and marshmallows, and then counting the right number of tablespoons of golden syrup, a weighty discussion took place in class to work out how many more cakes they should make if Mr Dunhill and Mr Gardiner each wanted one! 

Year 4 started the week with an online workshop, where they had to switch on their problem-solving brains and work with a partner to play mathematical games. When looking at Maths in the real world, Year 4 studied how shape, angles and symmetry play a big part in many patterns on textiles, windows and other everyday objects. 

In Year 5, the question posed was, ‘Is it possible to travel around the world in 100 hours?’. Using our knowledge of time and distance, we then conducted research to find different round-the-world routes, taking into consideration transit stops, fuel stops and time needed to sleep!  

Well done to Year 6 who participated in the Primary Mathematics Challenge – a country-wide competition designed to encourage children to ‘think outside the box’ when using their mathematical knowledge and strategies. In the next month, qualifiers to the February Bonus Round Challenge will be announced; we wish a big good luck to our participants!