Maths Week

8th July 2021

Last week, Redcliffe celebrated Maths Week London – a week dedicated to nurturing a love of Maths and sparking an interest in a subject that impacts all of our lives, every day. Each class participated in creative Maths activities from workshops to Maths art.

In the Upper School, Year 4 took an Nrich problem-solving workshop, whilst Year 6 completed their enterprise project by baking cupcakes, using their mathematical knowledge throughout.  We used ratio to calculate the amount of ingredients we needed and created boxes for our cupcakes using our knowledge of 3D shapes and their nets.

Year 2 upwards also competed in a Sumdog contest, where students earned points for correct answers. Pupils and Reception and Year 1 used their shape and memory skills to recreate tangram pictures, and their counting and number skills when playing Snakes and Ladders and a shopping game.