Mental Health Awareness Week

14th May 2021

Redcliffe students have been considering their mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Students in Year 2 discussed what is meant by mental health and how they could help themselves when they feel sad, worried or angry.  The pupils came up with their own ideas to help them cope and relax and created some beautiful and thought-provoking posters.

In keeping with this year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week, Year 1 could be found enjoying themselves in the great outdoors at our sports ground at Ifield Road playing short tennis and rounders.  As well as practising to throw and catch tennis balls, they learnt how to improve their racquet skills.  The class agreed that all this running around is good fun and everybody was in the right mindset for working hard in all their lessons. 

Continuing with the theme of re-connecting with nature for our own mental health, the big news this week has been around the newest and youngest members of the Redcliffe community: our five ducks.  They have had a busy week, visiting every class and getting to know the pupils and practising their swimming skills in between class visits.  Duck Cam has had many viewers streaming their adventures.  Next week they settle into their permanent home in Gloucestershire and will be missed.  Having animals in school who are always available for a quick hello or a hug benefits everyone!