Mindfulness, Mosaics and Maths

21st January 2021

It can be difficult to stay positive and keep a healthy mind during lockdown, but Redcliffe students – across multiple year groups – have been able to feel the benefits of mindful crafts to their mental health in their Art, Maths and Classics lessons.

Year 5 students created their own mosaics from coloured paper and glue after studying some of the mosaics found at Pompeii in their Classics lessons. Year 1 Art lessons have also been spent creating winter mosaic masterpieces out of eggshells, paper and card, with students taking great care to stick all of the pieces down so neatly.

The use of colours and shapes has not been limited to artistic endeavours however, as Year 2 and have been creating symmetry patterns in Maths to help them identify regular and irregular shapes and Year 3 have been creating ‘multiplication mosaics’ to help them with their understanding of equivalent fractions.