Mondrian and Munch

8th October 2021

Abstract competed with expressionism in the Art room this week, with Years 4 and 5 introduced to the abstract art style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.  Year 5 created their own artwork in Mondrian’s characteristic style, adding an autumnal theme to their pieces. Year 4 learnt important geometry vocabulary and mathematical skills with their art projects and the class continued developing their own Mondrian style creating flowers and a house. 

In contrast, Edvard Munch’s The Scream encouraged Year 6 to explore their own ideas and expressions.  The class learnt that expressionism is the personal representation of the expressionist artists’ perspective on life, with an emphasis on emotions and often depicted with expressive lines and simple, representational images.  The lesson was a scream! 

Year 3 were asked to create a piece of art offering a dynamic contrast to many backgrounds.  The class decided to use a contrast of warm and cool colours and the resulting pictures of birch trees were impressive.