Music at Redcliffe: From Bob Marley to Mambo

29th January 2021

When we are feeling low, music can be a powerful tool in relieving stress. Although we tend to lean towards our old favourites, studies have shown that listening to new music is good for our brains. Redcliffe students have been leading the way on that front this week as they have been exploring new genres in their music lessons.

This half-term Year 5 have been learning about Reggae music. They have listened to ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley and discussed the tempo, style and how the music made them feel. In the coming weeks they will learn more about music from Jamaica, Bob Marley’s life and music, and Rastafarianism.

Meanwhile in Year 6, pupils have been listening to Mambo from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story – the award-winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet set in Manhattan in the 1950s. Students learnt about Mambo’s cultural origins in Cuba and how the word Mambo meant ‘conversation with the gods’;  its popularity in the East Coast of the US in 1940s and 1950s; and analysed its syncopated rhythms and riffs that are the main characteristics of the Mambo.

And outside of the classroom we’ve been delighted to see students practising on their instruments and making their own music. Just check out these two lovely performances from Laura in Year 5 and Taliah in Year 6.