National Poetry Day

15th October 2021

Last week the whole school celebrated National Poetry Day.

Poetry workshops were held for all pupils with Mrs Weddle working with all classes in the Lower and Upper School, encouraging a love of language through stories and conversation. Students explored ‘Choice’, the theme of this year’s National Poetry Day, and Years 4, 5 and 6 worked together to prepare and present an extract from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They had a great deal of fun finding words that rhyme and exploring the language of the soul. The poem Aim High to the Sky was read by Mrs Weddle at the end of the workshop which was incredibly moving.

Meanwhile Year 1 listened to some really exciting poems including a top choice from the Hairy Maclary series and Year 3 got creative with their own bug poem:

I Like Coleridge Bugs

Mean bugs,
Fat bugs.
Big bugs,
Round bugs.

Buggy bugs.
Any kind of bug.

There is ….
A bug on a rug,
A bug in a glass.
A bug in a pavement,
A bug on a tree.
Shiny bugs and green bugs
Even …. A Slug Bug!