Netball: Years 3 and 4 take on Kensington Wade

2nd December 2022

Buoyed by Year 5 and 6’s recent victories against Kensington Wade, Years 3 and 4 hoped that they could replicate the success of their peers in three, small-sided netball matches on Monday.

Out of the three mini-matches, Redcliffe finished undefeated with two wins and a draw. Team A managed a 1-1 draw in a hard-fought game, whereas Teams B and C won 2-1 and 2-0, respectively. There were some standout performances from the likes of Olivia who scored an outstanding long-range goal; Verdant who was excellent in defence with his partner defensive partner Filip; and Tara who controlled the pitch with an imperious performance as Team A’s centre.

Well done on another impressive set of results, Redcliffe!