Pastoral CareCaring for every individual child 

Our pastoral ethos is based on caring for every individual child and personalised support is the cornerstone of our approach. At Redcliffe, we take time to understand our pupils’ individual needs by encouraging and supporting them to develop naturally through praise with a focus on good work and effort.

As a small school, our staff get to know all our children as individuals and are therefore well-placed to identify any potential problems from the earliest years. Pupils are supported within the classroom through the implementation of specific interventions. These are reviewed half-termly and are overseen by the Learning Support Lead in collaboration with the classroom teacher. 

We encourage our children to be kind to others and to be kind to themselves so that Redcliffe is a place where children feel happy, cared for, and safe. 

"Pastoral care of the highest quality ensures that from the EYFS onwards pupils grow up in a nurturing, enriching atmosphere, surrounded by kindness and friendliness"

Nurturing Individuals