Performance of Maui Catches the Sun

28th May 2021

On Tuesday the Lower School hall was transformed as Years 2, 3 and 4 performed the Maori legend ‘Maui Catches the Sun’ to a select audience.

The story, based on the Maori legend, sees Maui attempt to slow down the Sun by lassoing it and giving the people of his village enough daylight for working, fishing, and eating. It was an impressive display of acting talent from the younger pupils in the Prep School as they narrated the tale of Maui with songs, recitations and actions to bring the story to life. The children had clearly enjoyed the process of putting together the production which was obviously an extremely positive and formative experience for them.

The children brought the story to life with some great acting and marvellous singing with a special mention for Alex who sang a beautiful solo in her role as the Sun.