Pi Day: a celebration of the magic number: π!

17th March 2023

On Tuesday, the whole school celebrated Pi Day and got to grips with the one and only true magic number: π .

In their Maths lessons the children focused on circles and the never-ending digits in the number Pi, enjoying a range of activities across the year groups:

  • Nursery  pupils created circular artwork.
  • Reception the pupils coloured some pictures made from circles, and also used cubes to measure the diameter of some circles and playdough to measure the circumference.
  • Year 1 read a Pi story and made their very own Pi hats!
  • Year 2 and 3 used the digits in Pi to create their own Pi necklace, using different coloured beads to represent each digit.
  • Year 4 used their artistic skills to build a Pi skyline, with each ‘building’ representing a different digit.
  • In Year 5, the pupils followed the digits of Pi to construct a Pi dreamcatcher!

The pupils also had lots of mathematical fun outside of the classroom, from circular shaped breaktime snacks to Pi jokes and puzzles to try around the school.