Policed to Meet You

20th January 2023

The Upper School gave a warm welcome to PC Francis, who came to tell pupils about the role of the police.

PC Francis explained that the role of the police is not only to catch criminals and to help solve crimes, but it is to keep everyone safe. He went through all of the equipment that police have on their person – from police vests to batons. PC Francis also explained that each policeman has a personal number and carries an identity card to prove that they are a real policeman and not someone impersonating a police officer.

Students had many chances to ask questions and the interactive session not only meant they could guess all the modes of transport that the police use (horses, cars, bicycles, walking, helicopters),  but that Mr Gregson simply had to be handcuffed to show how they work!

A big thank you to PC Francis for the interactive and entertaining session.