RGS students celebrate the diversity of our community for International Day

10th June 2022

Redcliffe students learnt about different cultures and celebrated the diversity of our community for International Day.

Pupils brought in artefacts and traditional attire to show their classmates in celebration of the day. In Year 3 alone we had Lauren, Ara, Mehru and Tara showcasing their Korean, Iranian, Pakistani and Indian heritages respectively. Year 4 were equally delighted to share their International Day objects with their classmates; Ocean spoke proudly about her Persian and Spanish heritage, while Stefano introduced the class to some traditional Columbian cuisine! Year 5 celebrated International Day with amazing facts and stories from Ireland, Kazakhstan and Japan!

It was lovely to see students speaking with such pride and celebrating their heritage with their classmates and it was a fantastic opportunity for the whole school to learn about the different cultures that make up our small community.