Your child’s musical journey starts here

At Redcliffe, we believe passionately that Music is an intrinsic part of a rounded education and an important part of school life. From Nursery upwards, the children are taught a structured programme by an experienced Music specialist which develops musicianship and incorporates elements of the Kodály system. Through musical games and activities, pupils are encouraged to develop their singing voices, rhythm and listening skills, and they are taught to read and write simple notation. Creativity is encouraged through group composition activities. Pupils also expand their musical understanding through projects on music from the past, famous composers, and music from around the world.

In addition to class Music lessons, we offer the opportunity to take individual instrumental lessons during the school day on a range of instruments from Year 2 upwards. We offer guidance and advice on which instrument we feel is most suitable for each individual, given their personality and musical ability. Children are encouraged to learn an orchestral instrument so that they can experience the joy and camaraderie of playing music with others in the Redcliffe Gardens School Orchestra.

There are also a number of musical events throughout the year which give pupils the opportunity to develop their confidence through performance. The flourishing Redcliffe Gardens School Choir performs at all our major events throughout the year: Harvest Festival, Remembrance Day Service, the Carol Service and Prize Giving. There are also plenty of opportunities for younger pupils to perform, be it through singing at some of the whole school events or participating in their very own Nativities and summer performances.

Nurturing Individuals