Picking up Litter and Jogging = Plogging

Godolphin and Latymer Redcliffe Gardens School is the first school in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to start up its own Plogging Club! Plogging is jogging while picking up litter and helps children keep fit whilst having a positive impact on the local community. Redcliffe’s Ploggers meet every week and set off with protective gloves, biodegradable collection bags and litter-pickers to pick up discarded plastic, cans, cigarette butts, paper and general rubbish. Our pupils understand that it may not be their rubbish, but it is their planet – and they are determined to make it a better place for all. 

The Plogging Club is part of the school’s commitment to working towards the Sustainable Development Global Goals by becoming ’Planet Protectors‘. Pupils are taught about the World’s social, environmental and economic challenges and how they can make a difference in their everyday lives.

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