Wraparound Care
From 8:00am every day

Early drop off

We offer an early drop off every day from 8.00am to all pupils (with the exception of our Nursery children). This allows parents the flexibility to drop their children before school officially starts at 8.30am. Pupils are supervised by Teaching Assistants before being taken to their classes in time for the start of the day.

Pre-prep pupils should be dropped off at Redcliffe Pre-Prep School at St Luke’s Church. Pupils in Years 2 to 6 may be dropped off at the Prep School at 47 Redcliffe Gardens at 8.00am.

The school offers a variety of Clubs which help to extend the school day.

After-School Pick-up – Mon to Thurs
Parents should collect their children promptly at 4.30pm from the Pre-PrepSchool, and 5.00 pm from the Prep School.

After-School Pick-up – Friday
Friday pick up is at 2.50pm from the Pre-Prep School and 3.00pm from the Prep School.

Nurturing Individuals