Science Week

12th March 2021

The Prep School celebrated Science Week with a look at diversity in the field of science and how they can break stereotypes.  Pupils were asked to think about what they imagined scientists looked like and did and learnt about the wide variety scientific applications have throughout our lives and the world.  Responses to what scientists do ranged from:

‘Someone who works on life and the world around us.’

‘Someone who invents, creates and is super-smart.  They make vaccines, eg medicine.’

 ‘A scientist is a person who studies science and strange liquids that no-one knows about.’

‘A scientist is somebody who explores and studies deeper in life. Like animals and space.’

‘An Astronomer works in space or maybe in museums and their job involves studying the universe.’

‘A microbiologist works in a lab, university or hospital, looking at micro-organisms, food or the environment or health, creating vaccines to preserve food for longer.’

‘An entomologist works in a lab or field or museum – wherever they can find bugs.  They study insects, how they interact with us and the environment.’