‘Skywalking’ to Help the Homeless

2nd December 2022

A number of Redcliffe staff participated in their first ‘Skywalk’ across London, serving the homeless alongside our chosen school charity, Under One Sky.

Under One Sky is our democratically elected school charity that serves around 500-600 homeless friends per week. Roughly 11,000 people are affected by street homelessness in London each year, and RGS pupils, parents and staff alike have been keen to show their support; having already donated this year‘s Harvest collection to them and gifted funds raised from recent school mufti days. Mrs Glencross, Miss Stone, Miss Kirby, Miss Parker-Wood, Mrs Rostron and Mrs Woodhead decided to go one further on Tuesday evening by wrapping up themselves up in coats, hats and scarves and taking part in their first ‘Skywalk’. Meeting at 7.00pm near Russell Square underground station, RGS staff were were divided into two groups – with one heading to Kings Cross and the other to Tottenham Court Road – and were given food, blankets and hot drinks to hand out to those in need on their walk.

Mrs Glencross and the team finished up at around 10.00pm having served around 50 homeless friends on their route around London, and despite feeling blurry-eyed on Wednesday morning, found the experience incredibly enriching and were glad to be able to help those less fortunate than us in our own city.