Sports Report

5th November 2021

There have been a number of sporting successes at Redcliffe this week.

On Tuesday, Year 3 went off for a mini-football tournament at Sinclair House School. After a nervous start, our team started to shoot more and put the opposition goalies under pressure. Sinclair’s defence kept blocking all our shots, but after considerable perseverance and sustained pressure the deadlock was finally broken and the goals began to flood in. Everyone played bravely and fought hard for the team. Standout players of the match were Filip and Juliette for some great goals and Henry for being a sturdy goalkeeper in some of his matches as well as scoring on-field.

In other sporting success, congratulations to Flo and Sofia (both Year 6) on being selected to represent the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea at the London Youth Games cross-country event later this month. We wish them all the best and we know that they’ll make the school proud!