Summer Creativity

11th June 2021

With everyone returning to school refreshed and rested after half term, the pupils’ creative flair has very much been in evidence.

There is no denying how beautiful the colours of Summer are when you see the Art Club’s 3D Summer Flowers in a Vase.  The Club members created some fun and colourful 3D flowers and put together an impressive collection of dramatic pictures. 

Dropping into Year 1 this week would have given you a lesson about the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  Kandinsky is generally credited as the pioneer of abstract art and our pupils used his famous Squares with Concentric Circles painting as inspiration for our own interpretations, using cool and warm colours.

Meanwhile, Year 5 have been celebrating their love for writing creative stories.  The pupils learnt about the different genres of creative writing, along with their key features.  Top favourites in Year 5 are: adventure, fantasy and comedy and the class designed a selection of posters to remind themselves of the different genres and useful key words.