For boys and girls aged 2 ½ upwards

Situated at St Luke’s Church, the Redcliffe Nursery has become one of the most sought-after and long-established co-educational nurseries in Kensington and Chelsea. Places are non-selective and children can join from the beginning of the term in which they will celebrate their third birthday. Places are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis so registration from birth is encouraged.

From this early stage, Redcliffe children are encouraged to work both independently and together and to be kind to each other. Learning through play allows our children to ask questions, to make links and to become active learners. Through fun activities and enjoyable challenges they each learn to share, to appreciate the world and their environment, and to improve their language, number, pencil and drawing skills. Strength, co-ordination and fine motor skills are developed through dance, exercise, games and a multitude of creative activities.

In the Nursery the children learn through action songs and rhymes, starting with the well-known and moving to the more challenging. They gradually build up a wide repertoire that is revisited regularly to encourage confidence and participation. Even at this early age, singing short phrases on their own is encouraged, along with creative responses to the music. The children learn how to play a selection of percussion instruments and explore different styles of music through movement. The highlights of the year are the Nativity, with Reception and Year 1 classes and an EYFS assembly, Nursery and Reception children, where they perform songs, poems and dances for their parents.

The Nursery forms an integral part of our school community and benefits from joining-in with the other classes for lunch, school productions, daily assemblies and the extended programme of special activities happening across the school. We follow the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme.

Entry to Redcliffe’s Reception year is usually automatic following an informal assessment.