The Art of Pop

1st October 2021

The Art Department has been busy this week with clay monster creations, followed by some fun pictures of owls inspired by the story of Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.  The pupils practised their fine motor skills adding sparkles, googly eyes and little pipe cleaner legs to their monsters and used sponges to dab the paint onto the paper for their owls, cutting out different shapes for the owls’ eyes and beaks. 

Year 1 are exploring the topic of houses and homes, creating some impressive drawings of Iron Age roundhouses as well as imagining what the inside of a roundhouse would have looked like.  The pupils were inspired to build a roundhouse in the playground and pretended to cook supper over a fire in their huts.  

Meanwhile Year 6 students have been showcasing their pop art projects having turned them into 3D pieces of artwork.  Their display is currently making an eyecatching feature in the entrance hall and we can’t wait to welcome parents back to school to see it in person!