The Diverse and Wonderful World of Science

10th September 2021

The start of the Autumn Term highlighted the diverse and wonderful world of science with pupils in Year 2 investigating structural stability while Year 4 embarked on a squelchy and gloopy journey through the digestive system.

Year 4 students used a practical simulation to help visualise how the digestive system works, starting by putting food into a bag and crushing it into small pieces.  Water (saliva) was added to the mixture followed by orange juice (stomach acids) to help break down the food into a soft mush. The food was then emptied into some tights (intestines) where all the nutrients and water were squeezed out of the food before making its inevitable journey out of the body. 

Meanwhile, Year 2 began their Science investigations this term attempting to build the biggest tower possible using connecting blocks. The class experimented with different structures and bases, with many discussions around the results.  The class concluded that the more stable the base, the taller we could build the tower.