The Human Body

1st October 2021

The Prep School has been busy this week continuing their research into the wonders of the human body.  With the subject of digestion fully absorbed and digested, the next stops have been teeth and eyeballs. 

Year 4 have been learning about teeth, how to look after them and how some liquids can damage them.  The class conducted an egg-speriment testing the drinks and liquids which can cause tooth decay using hard boiled eggs.  Eggshell is a similar material to the enamel on our teeth and Year 4 observed the changes to the eggshell over a week. After soaking the hard boiled eggs in different liquids, it became clear that the vinegar and sugary Coca-Cola had stained the eggs and made large cracks along the sides, while the water and milk had left them intact. It was a ‘cracking’ way to help students visualise the impact that drinks of different acidities and sugar content have on our teeth.

Meanwhile Year 6, in their study of light, investigated how the eye behaves in light and dark and how light is detected.  The class was invited to put on their lab coats and dissect an eyeball.  The results were illuminating!