UN Sustainable Development Goals: Life Below Water

18th November 2022

In their English lessons this term, students in Year 4 have been looking at the conservation of life below water, goal fourteen of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Students have been learning about the Global Goal throughout the term and how essential healthy oceans and seas are to our own existence. Armed with the knowledge of how to write to entertain, inform and persuade from their writing lessons, students set about creating posters to encourage and persuade people to save our oceans. They discovered the importance of different design elements in conveying a message, producing a variety of persuasive designs and compelling arguments in their posters.

The task left students with a greater appreciation and understanding of the size of the challenge we face, and listed reducing plastic (and encouraging more people to join our Plogging Club!) as a big way in which we can help protect life below water.