Virtual Visit to Windsor Castle

19th March 2021

Although Redcliffe pupils are now back in school, Year 1 spent the day virtually visiting Windsor Castle and learning about its history.

The class thoroughly enjoyed their lesson, learning about the history of the Castle and looking at some of the weapons and armour kept there.  From Page, to Squire, to Knight, we learnt about life from the Norman conquest through to the Middle Ages. Martin, our virtual tour guide, incorporated lots of props and outfits to keep the tour fresh, with crossbows, arrows, various helmets, swords, chain mail, shields, armour and flags all on show.  The class also took part in a ‘dubbing ceremony’ in order to become Knights of the Garter and investigated a ‘Lion Rampant’.

In ‘normal’ times visits and trips play an important part of a Redcliffe education. We thank Martin for such an entertaining virtual tour which had all our students feeling like they were really walking the grounds of the famous royal residence.