Working in Partnership with Foodbank

2nd October 2020

Harvest Festival is a time when farmers and growers traditionally give thanks for a successful harvest season and churches, community groups, schools and individuals give to those less fortunate. This year there are many families in need as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which is one of the reasons and Redcliffe School is proud to continue working with Foodbank, an organisation dedicated to putting food on the table for those in need and to end poverty and hunger in the UK.

Their network of food banks provides the best possible emergency food to people who need it and this year Foodbank is working with Bankuet, an online platform which enables people to make donations online for the Harvest Festival. We can continue to donate and help our communities without having to visit a supermarket, but instead, with a few simple clicks. Next week, the children will be asked to create a leaf for our ‘Tree of Giving’ and we hope that this will give enable the children to see what great things can be achieved from small beginnings. From one little leaf a beautiful, big tree grows.

Thank you to everyone in the school community who makes a donation on Bankuet; further details on how to contribute will be included in the weekly newsletter.