World Book Day 2021

5th March 2021

World Book Day was a wonderfully diverse celebration with book reviews, dioramas, costume changes and lots of imagination thrown into the mix throughout the week. 

Nursery pupils dressed up in their favourite book characters and Reception created models of vehicles inspired from the books they read, while Year 2 had fun creating a very long list of their absolute favourite books of all time. After reading Bedtime for Monsters, Year 1 made a list of snacks monsters might want to eat at bedtime, while Year 3 imagined all the things a little old man or woman could swallow, if not a fly, and then recreated their own version of the little old lady from There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Other books reviewed by our younger years included Zog and the Flying Doctors, Mr Grumpy’s Motor Car and Mrs Armitage: Queen of the Road. The older pupils spent much time creating very detailed dioramas representing their chosen books, such as Letters from the Lighthouse, Mallory Towers, Harry Potter, A Most Unladylike Murder and Watership Down.

Many of our pupils decided to dress as characters from the Harry Potter series, and we’re sure our alumnus Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter himself would have been happy to have these would-be wizards and witches as his classmates at Hogwarts!