Year 2 All On Board for the London Transport Museum

27th May 2022

Two very exciting landmark events took place in London Transport this week: one, we witnessed the opening of the new Elizabeth Line; and two, our Year 2 pupils visited the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. Situated in the corner of the main piazza, this was a very exciting trip to one of the tourist hot spots in London and the former flower market was looking its very best beautifully decorated in red, white and blue ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which added to the general excitement of the Redcliffe visitors.

It was fantastic to discover the history of London’s transport and the stories of the people who have travelled and worked in the city over the last 200 years, before taking a peek into how future technologies might impact London as we know it.  As we made our way around, we collected the special souvenir stamps from each of the exhibition spaces, and one of the highlights was sitting in the train carriages from 100 years ago, and we even had the opportunity to take the wheel as bus drivers ourselves! 

It is fantastic to once again be able to explore the museums right on our doorstep and our visit proved a wonderful inspiration for our very own design project. Using cardboard boxes and wooden wheels, pupils constructed vehicles and decorated them with London logos; we might even have some budding design engineers in our midst!