Owzat! Years 3 and 4 Cricket Match

27th May 2022

On Monday during their Games session our Years 3 and 4 headed off to W14 for a friendly game of cricket against Kensington Wade School. The British weather was predictably unpredictable and so it was quite a relief that the match took place in the school’s sports hall.

Both teams very quickly got to grips with the indoor cricket rules and there were some excellent individual performances with bat and ball from the Redcliffe team, some fantastic catches and good general eye to ball co-ordination.  Our team’s bowling, in particular, has improved a great deal and the game was very close with some great wickets taken. Redcliffe just won both matches: the first by eight runs and the second match by just one single run. 

It was very exciting to win such hotly contested matches and, most importantly, a fun time was had by everyone. Even more importantly, there were some excellent after-match snacks which were much appreciated! Thank you very much to Kensington Wade School for hosting.