Year 3 Celebrate Saturnalia

9th December 2022

This week, Year 3 have been learning about the Roman festival of Saturnalia which used to take place around the winter solstice.

Students discovered that the traditions of Saturnalia were very similar to our Christmas traditions. The Romans exchanged gifts, decorated their houses and families gathered to eat a great feast together. Pupils then planned and hosted their own Saturnalia Feast menu, featuring foods which would have been readily available to Romans such as bread, cheese and grapes. Students initially tried reclining as the Romans used to do but soon discovered that it was tricky to eat like this so instead sat on chairs.

During this feast, students also played the traditional Saturnalia game: King of the Day. All names were put in a bag and a name was chosen at random to be king or queen. The chosen monarch could sit on a throne, wore a crown and had first pick of the feast!