Year 5 and 6 visit Juniper Hall

27th May 2022

On Tuesday, pupils in Year 5 and 6 visited Juniper Hall in Surrey.

Pupils spent the afternoon discovering what animals live in the Juniper Hall ponds. They also learnt about their adaptations and had a closer look at their findings underneath a microscope. Later in the day, students were introduced to some famous environmental artists and had the opportunity to blend together different artistic media to create 3D outdoor nature art. They used the outdoor environment as their inspiration and each team had a chance to showcase their work to the rest of the class.

Students made the most of the good weather by using their navigational skills to complete the orienteering trail around the stunning grounds of Juniper Hall. After lunch, they walked into the local village of Mickleham to explore how land use changes across the village. Pupils made predictions about what services they thought they would find in the village and why this may be different from Chelsea. Bleary-eyed after a day in the great outdoors, pupils spent the evening huddled around a campfire, for an evening of entertainment, stories and music. They had the opportunity to reflect on their day while toasting some marshmallows.

On their last day, pupils pondered what one would need to survive a night in the wilderness, working in terms to build their own ‘rain proof’ shelters within the grounds of Juniper Hall. Along the way, there were competitions and prizes for the cleanest dorm, best Pringle duck-face and for teamwork. It was a fun-filled adventure and many happy memories were made. Thank you to all the mums and dads, and members of staff, who made the trip possible.