Year 5 Budding Biographers

25th November 2022

As part of their ‘Writing to Inform’ curriculum, our Year 5 students have been learning about writing biographies and the importance of conducting research and laying-out their work using headings, sub-headings and images.

They learnt that you need good knowledge of your subject to write a biography and so they set about researching, planning, drafting and editing a piece based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goal Number 15: Life on Land.

For their biography,  pupils learnt about Dame Jane Goodall who is the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Our Year 5 students learnt about her childhood, where she studied, her work with chimpanzees, her awards, and what she is doing now and then produced their own potted biography ensuring they clearly communicated the facts of her life and included text with subheadings, diagrams and illustrations.

Well done to Year 5 for producing some fascinating and very informative work.